I’m from the lovely state of Maine and I’ve always been interested in telling my part about life. I have always wanted to just open up and give an insight to those who aren’t from Maine, or who maybe are from Maine, and are curious about what its like to be a 21 year old college student in Portland Maine just trying to get by. I don’t want to hold anything back in this blog  because I think that it would ruin the purpose of it.

I suppose I should start by giving you all the down low (DL) about myself. I go to the University of Southern Maine, I’m studying Marketing, I have  amazing boyfriend, and some really cool friends. A bit of a back story about me is that I am from a very small town that I like to call Lameville, that has nothing to offer and me and my friends refer to as the place where dreams come to die. My parents are divorced have been ever since I was 6 and because of that I have 3 really cool step sisters. i have real older sister, and she is my bestfrand. We fight a lot and honestly I think it could do her some good to pull out whatever stick is  stuck up her backdoor..haha. My parents are both like superrrrr money obsessed and uptight, but I guess if I was 50 years old and living in this economy I’d be freaking out too…folks wanna retire at some point. I consider myself, and well everyone calls me a free spirit! I live my life day by day and I know that freaks some people out, but I just don’t see the point in worrying about things you have no power over. That’s a huge problem of my boyfriends actually. HA he considers himself to be a realist. Some match we are.. I guess people are right when they say opposites attract.

I honestly have no idea what I want to do with my life yet, but sometimes I think that is the point to life. You just gotta go with it and enjoy it cause it may seem that there is a lot of time… which there is , but life itself is short, and time will always continue forever. I’d like to see myself not in Maine in the years to come, which I think i can accomplish, but who knows. I would love to go to Seattle, or California! Well that is I think the most you need to know for now. I plan to fill you all in with much more as time goes and gives me tales to tell you about. So just bare with me and hopefully you enjoy what you see and read.